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About me


Since I was a little (very little) I knew things…. things that were not normal for most to have knowledge of; knowledge of visitors from the spirit, messages and insight, not of this earthly plane. Being raised a strict Catholic; school, church, with often a redneck, country mentality, staunch supporter of right and wrong, gun touting, horse riding, try anything once, personality – I just did not see how I was to follow my gift. (Believe me, I have tried to understand, side-step and even wanted to check myself into a mental facility once, because …quite frankly, it scared me!) By definition: I am a rule breaker, a question asker, open to all possibilities and a thinker outside of the box, refuse to be a victim, take responsibility and accountability for my actions …. A champion of the underdog and do not limit myself to what is deemed … the conformist path! I despise labels, judgement, single titles to define us….. They stunt & limit our growth! I never want to be defined a single label~ I am many! I am me, I will not conform, accept judgement of who I am, nor apologize. I know the peace and love that God granted me, to work through him and the ability to share and heal others in his love light!

On my journey, I found being a medium & empath, is quite hard to make sense of something that YOU KNOW you have and aware you are not quite as, “Normal as others”, but tried to fit round pegs in square holes, very unsuccessfully, especially when religion is involved. It is quite a puzzle to figure out and requires many, many hours of soul searching and reading, questions and ultimately, answers… for me at least! Was it good? Was it evil? Did it help others? Am I really reading them? Often this is taboo in todays society due to those that are scam artist and as in anything, ruin it or give it a bad name for others that are truly here to help others. What my journey did show me that what is, “Weird” in our society in North America, is quite accepted, normal and used in other Countries and often cherished (go figure) *giggle*. As also in death, other Countries honor their dead, celebrate, help cross them over in love and light. It is wonderful to see and saddens me that many in Northern America, often find themselves; paralyzed by grief, halting their own soul purpose due to their loss, lack of understanding and knowledge, that our soul was just using a body/shell for the purpose of growth and they are never far from us, no longer feel pain and are over joyed to, “Truly” be back home with loved ones. Our TRUE HOME! Their mission is now to help those left behind, carry on with their soul purpose and help them through the grief process. They often can do so much more to help those they left behind than when they lived here, due to having no limitations: because of a lack of understanding and now possessing unconditional love, limitations due to medical ailments, poor relationships holding themselves back from right or wrong due to fear, prejudice, drug and alcohol abuse, ego, the elevated love of money, lack of loving oneself or a lack of spiritual connection.

I have fought this to a degree to go public for so long – scared? Yes, Being wrong? Yes, My purpose? Yes…. But I now know and accept what my soul’s mission is, to go forth in faith, love and as ability to work for God’s desire, through him.  My hope is that you find me to be a very, “Real” and compassionate person to talk to. My wish is to help you understand/interpret my visions as they are given to me, relaxed to ask questions and ask for clarification, especially if I am not clear in what your loved ones are trying to show me. I am simply the messenger an educator, a conduit between you and your loved ones. I will relay exactly as I see, as it is not up to me to withhold or add anything to a reading and will always try my best for you. I have a warped personality and will often make light of a heavy situation, but no nonsense as well, to not waste your time and mine when playing a victim, as it will only be a dis-service to all, but gently redirect you to a path and more beneficial of healing for all. You chose this life after all, the lessons you wished to learn and the family, circumstances and situations in which to achieve the ultimate growth and outcome to ascension! (Bet most of you did not know that, huh?!?! Puts a new light on the, “Poor me – life is not fair” argument! *Giggle*




Still amazing to me…. I can talk to those that have crossed over to the other side and come through to help those left behind. I also have other gifts/abilities, but this being my main gift and my interest to help those that are literally, “Frozen in time” by grief, guilt and a loss of any future for them that they can foresee. This great loss, very much petrifies the soul’s ability to move forward and even, holds the, loved one’s spirit, back from doing what they need to now experience, until the earth-bound soul lets go with love and understanding. This allows relief, healing and understanding of the soul’s purpose to progress to its natural state of learning in this earthy plane and progress in light and love – pure energy!

I have found quite often, that I am called to those that are connected by suicide – (have crossed, thought of, etc.)  Obviously, I am not limited by this theme, but the successful action and/or thought of the inability to go on, is a very drastic and painful action to all. Quick, unexpected and traumatic deaths are also much harder for those left behind to accept, make sense of and process.

Often in a reading, I am called to relay messages bringing peace and assurance that their loved one is happy, healthy, met by their pets and loved ones and bring messages of items needed to be located, wonderful needed memories of validation, encouragement and the message we are not alone! When a loved one crosses over, they understand so much more that they just could not understand or accept while living on this plane. Because of that, there is guilt and the need to bring a message to the receiver the ability to hear that they are: sorry, understand so much more now, support, love, explain themselves, warnings, explain they are present at weddings (and enjoy the celebration right along with you!), births, sorrows, loneliness and hear our thoughts & prayers! Relationships and families that were torn apart prior to the loved one departing, can now heal, helping the soul that much more, to progress!

I will on occasion, bring up a part of the body that needs some attention medically and other information, but quite often; the need to hear from a loved one is more important and takes up majority of the session’s time! Remember: There will be times I cannot get an answer or “see” what is being asked of me. There are times we are not meant to know, as it may affect the outcome of something important you are to experience and learn still on your soul’s journey. Don’t fret, but accept we are simply, “DENIED”! Trust me, it happens to me too, don’t feel bad! No shortcuts, no sneak answers to the test questions and for God’s sake…. Don’t kill the messenger! 😊



How to Prepare for your Reading 

· Make a list of questions you wish to ask

· Keep a pad & pen handy for notes (Even a recorder, I do not mind!)

· Lighting a candle provides pure light, that is more comfortable to all. (Visitors will often play with the flame if you are lucky!)

· If you are religious, I encourage you to pray, ask for the most from your reading, to understand the images I am being shown for you, for his love and light to surround us all during our time together.

· Take some quiet time prior to your reading, think of those you wish to connect with, ask them to come. Listen to quiet music, heat your favorite oils if this helps you to relax, even put on your favorite jammies!

· Tissue nearby is helpful, most clients shed a few tears. Don’t worry, often they are from relief, happiness, closure, pent up feelings and the dam finally burst from holding so much emotion in…. All good, I assure you! 

After your Reading *

· Take some time to reflect over your reading. Did not quite get some information? Quite often, I get a follow-up call with a; “I got it!” or “I understand now”!

· Take some time to relax, absorb, thank those that came through for you and offer a pray for those that wish too. A nice warm Bubble Bath with Empson Salts, is a great way to transition from much emotion to the reality of school on this plain, we call life!

If you feel your reading helped you, feel free to share or recommend me to anyone that you feel could use my gifts! If they mention your name, you will get 25% off your next appointment!